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Free and Minimal Costs for Family Fun

Welcome to Child First Family Services blog site with our first posting! When parents separate/divorce, finances can be an issue and it is so frustrating saying no to our children. The great news is that there are many FREE activities that your children are sure to love plus it is quality time spent together. Here are some following ideas:

Go to the park

Visit the public library and check on the free activities before you plan your visit


Go to the market and sample foods

Walks including treasure hunts of items you would find on your walk


Bike rides

Gardening (make an herb garden, Easter plant project, Mother's Day Project)

Visit a relative or close friend (play date)


Outdoor activities such as soccer, basketball, golf, etc.

Special events in your community


Visit Home Depot or Lowe's for free children activities some Saturdays

Painting nails

Have High Teas at home

Listen and dance to music

Art activities at Michael's or AC Moore

Make a fort with blankets

Cooking and baking

Playing instruments

Playing house with kitchen items

Board games

Hershey Park Chocolate ride

Free concerts in your community

- Kim Melhorn

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