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Our Services


Outpatient Counseling

Services include individual, couple, co-parenting, and family counseling. Child First Family Service staff specialize in treating Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Grief and Loss, Behavioral concerns, Anger Management, Self-esteem issues, Addiction issues, Reunification, Divorce and Custody issues, and Co-Parenting issues.

Supervised Visitations

Child First Family Services staff have been trained through the Supervised Visitation Network in providing a safe and nurturing environment for children and parents enabling them to re-connect and spend time together in a supervised environment. Visitations may include observational visits or therapeutic supervised visits and may take place in the office or off-site including home settings in Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Berks, Lebanon, and Chester counties. Summaries are provided for each visit.


Kim Melhorn is a mediator as well as a collaborative law mental health provider to assist with parenting schedules and custody agreements.

When Co-Parenting Isn’t Working Group

This is an 8-week course that educates individuals on the various types of anger, how to improve communication skills between parents, how to address situations when one parent is making negative comments about the other parent, the do’s and don’ts of spending time with your child during visits, how school information may be helpful to assess how your child is doing in relation to custody or visitation issues, and how to navigate step-parent issues. Certificates are issued for successful completion of the group.

Anger Management Group

Child First Family Services runs both adult and adolescent anger management groups that have been approved by Lancaster County Adult Probation and Lancaster County Judges. Each is an 8-week course which covers the four different types of anger, communication skills, anger management assessment, relaxation and stress management techniques, how substances can relate to anger, cognitive techniques, and family dynamics related to anger including social vs. genetic factors. Certificates are issued for successful completion of the group.

Children of Divorce/Separation Group

This is an 8-week course that explores transitional challenges faced by children and strategies they can use as the family structure continues to change. Children have an opportunity to learn how to avoid being in the middle of adult conflicts, set boundaries, and learn to embrace ongoing change and challenges. In addition, this group also gives children the ability to connect with others who are also dealing with separated and/or blended families.

Student Groups

Additional groups are available for students in the school environment or in the Child First Family Service office. Groups may target topics such as anxiety, social communication, Zones of Regulation, anger management, students with parents that are separated, life strategies, grief, children of alcoholics/addicts, and for students who are bullied. Several groups use research or evidence based curriculum which meets the needs of districts utilizing Behavior Rtii.

Psycho-Educational Testing and Consulting 

Assessments may include cognitive assessments, achievement assessments, social-emotional assessments, ADHD assessments, executive functioning assessments, adaptive behavioral assessments, and gifted assessments. In addition, autism assessments are also offered. Consultation related to academic, social, behavioral and IEP related concerns are also services provided as are intervention plans which can be developed for the student’s individualized needs.




*All services can be provided by Spanish speaking clinicians.* 

Weekend sessions are available. 


Payment is due during the time of service. Client must pay balance and then submit to their insurance for reimbursement. 

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